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"Swimming in Selfies" is a site specific creation (100cm square water closet), a collaboration between Gary James Lee & Spencer Pearson. The installation uses a high-tech, industrial grade vinyl that coats everything from ceiling to floor. There are 3 figures plus the viewer who are forced to become engaged with each other, as (s)he performs their daily toilet routine, typically alone.

As one enters, there is a woman in lingerie taking a picture of the viewer or maybe of herself reacting to the male ritual, standing in front of the toilet.

Viewed from a different position, the viewer is sitting on the toilet with a gent mirroring the biological exercise capturing the moment with his smart phone.

Finally, the pink octopus is not initially identifiable and dangerously surrounds the space.

This installation uses a non-conventional medium. It is a commentary about pushing life and art into the modern day. Social media extends into private and intimate moments.

You can find "Swimming in Selfies" at Ramon's Tailor, 628 Jones Street, San Francisco, CA from Winter 2017 - Spring 2018.